Map of the Azores



The Azores are nine islands in the Atlantic, split up into three groups because of their situation.

There is the west-group (Flores and Corvo), the central-group and the east-group (São Miguel and Santa Maria)

Pico is one island of the central-group. The other ones are Faial, Terceira, São Jorge and Graciosa.









Pico is with 447 sq km the second largest island of the Azores

The volcano Pico (with 2.351 m or 7.711 feet at the same time the highest mountain of Portugal) gave the island its name.

Pico is by far the "most beautiful" island for us. It is green and blooming everywhere. So if you like nature here you are definitely in good hands.

The climate is mild. The temperatures stagger between 14-18° C in the winter and 22-27° C in the summer. But sometimes it rains a little bit. It is advisable, to have light rain clothes in the luggage.

On Pico there are museums (for example in Lajes do Pico. In the old boathouses is an informative museum that is mainly concerned with the topic of "traditional whaling", housed). Overlooking points (with fantastic panoramic views) many nice people, small villages and just a lot of nature.

Nearly every single day in the summer dolphins pass by the coast. Sometimes, you can also observe whales from the land

The coastal landscape of Pico is breathtaking. The volcanic origin of this island is always and everywhere present.

The nature of the "highland" of Pico is totally different from the "coastal region". You might say that you are not longer on this island, when you pass the montain roads of Pico. There are also sweetwater lakes.

This contrast is unique and surprises anybody, who takes the time to really explore this island.

Going swimming on Pico means swimming in the little harbours (don’t be afraid! The water is absolutely clean. There are only little fishing boats) or on nature swimming pools. On the island there are also two open air swimming pools.

Restaurants as well as "snack bars" (where you can eat very well) can be found all over the island. There you can explore really fresh fish or the traditional food of the island.

The traditional wine of Pico was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The extensive work of the wine growers will be able to understand you well. And then the wine tastes twice as good.

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